I think sex is better than logic, but I can't prove it.
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1 Christmas jokes
- I remember when Father Christmas first passed his sleigh-driving test. He came skidding down in ...Read the whole joke
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- A group of mountain climbers once heard Father Christmas go past. They must have had sharp ears...Read the whole joke
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- Father Christmas: I thought I asked you to go out there and clear the snow! I'm on my way, Fath...Read the whole joke
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- I've had a slight accident with your sleigh, Father Christmas! Father Christmas: Oh no! That sl...Read the whole joke
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- What does Dracula write on his Christmas cards ? Best vicious of the season...Read the whole joke
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- How do sheep greet each other at Christmas ? A merry Christmas to ewe...Read the whole joke
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- Doctor, Doctor, Father Christmas gives us oranges every Christmas. Now I think I'm turning into ...Read the whole joke
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- Who made this Christmas pudding? Our chef. He's a little green man who lives in a toadstool. Wha...Read the whole joke
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- Last year's Christmas pudding was so awful I threw it in the ocean. That's probably why the oce...Read the whole joke
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- What can Santa give away and still keep? A cold....Read the whole joke
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