That's about as much fun as a game of Marco Polo with Helen Keller.
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# Title Category Hits Rating
1 The Little Boy Who Was Stomping
- One day, a little boy, was outside in the backyard stomping on honeybees.When his father came out an...Read the whole joke
Miscellaneous 166 0
2 Artificial Insemination
- A man buys several sheep, hoping to breed them for wool. After several weeks, he notices that none o...Read the whole joke
Miscellaneous 197 0
3 The 9 Types of Girlfriends
- Ms. Nice Guy - "Tickets to the boxing match? Oh Darling, you shouldn't have"Also known as: What a ga...Read the whole joke
Miscellaneous 153 0
4 The 9 Types of Boyfriends
- Joe Sensitive - "After I wash the dishes, let's cuddle, OK?"Also known as: Mr. Nice Guy, Family man,...Read the whole joke
Miscellaneous 171 0
5 Men's rules for Women!
- by Every guy in America:1. It is only common courtesy that you should leave the seat on the toilet U...Read the whole joke
Miscellaneous 138 0
6 Little Rascals Vocabulary Lesson
- The little rascals were in class and the teacher was giving them a vocabulary lesson. The teacher sa...Read the whole joke
Miscellaneous 159 0
7 Very Short Lists
- Very Short Lists:1) List of Golf Courses that do not allow Doctors2) List of all night Gay women's b...Read the whole joke
Miscellaneous 289 0
8 Very Short Books
- Very Short Books...1) Outdoor activities in Chernobyl2) Hot Scenic Real-estate opportunities on top ...Read the whole joke
Miscellaneous 182 0
9 Red Riding Hood
- Little Red Riding Hood is skipping down the road when she sees the Big Bad Wolf crouched down behind...Read the whole joke
Miscellaneous 151 0
10 Write and Wrong
- A writer dies and reaches the Golden Gates where God gives him a choice to either go to Heaven or He...Read the whole joke
Miscellaneous 138 0

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